February 2014

The whole team at The SA-Mag bids you a very warm welcome to our February 2014 issue!

With summer in full effect now many companies are taking time out to upgrade facilities and carry out important maintenance work.

In the mining sector, upgrades continue to take place at Anglo American’s innovative New Denmark Colliery, which is constantly looking for new opportunities to improve safety and its environmental impact. One of the newer introductions has been the CoalSAFE refuge chamber as we report.

Of course safety and maintenance are huge priorities for Cholor-Alkali Holdings, a company which plays a vital role in the supply of safe water but also handles hazardous materials. In such circumstances, reliance on a secure supply chain is of paramount importance.

This month The SA-Mag is also delighted to delve into South Africa’s scientific activities and we take a look behind the scenes at the Square Kilometre Array Project, a remarkable international collaboration to build the world’s largest radio telescope in the Karoo Desert.

Meanwhile, Dr Daniel Visser, Acting Executive Director, explains the role of the CSIR Biosciences division in keeping the nation at the forefront of international scientific research.

We are also delighted to welcome the thoughts of Terry Boysen, CEO at CGF Research, who discusses the implications of the Companies Act, 71 of 2008 on boardroom conduct.

With the latest news from the automotive industry and features highlighting the meat industry, energy and the petrochemicals sector, we hope that you will enjoy our February issue and its diverse range of topics.

If you would like to feature in our next issue, please feel free to drop me a line at [email protected].

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