FleetAfrica Super Group: Achieving business excellence for the long-term

At a time when cost effective business operations are at a premium, the role of partnership has perhaps never been more important. For many businesses, that aspect incorporates a whole range of cost-cutting measures that make for a more efficient operation.

In the realm of vehicle leasing, FleetAfrica has established itself as an ally to businesses, with a deep commitment to providing the right solutions for its customers, as the corporate website describes:

“At FleetAfrica, we live by values of trustworthiness, respect and honesty. Our people are encouraged to be open and communicate their thoughts. They are keen to collaborate in order to meet and exceed the expectations of South Africa’s communities.

shutterstock_49449991“Working closely with key persons in your organisation, we optimise your vehicle utilisation and reduce your total cost of ownership. We further develop our mutual working relationships by adapting our products and services to your changing needs, maintaining effective governance and compliance, delivering on and working to improve service level agreements.”

Over time, Fleet Africa has become the leader in specialised fleet management and full maintenance leasing solutions for both the public and private sector. The company’s outsourced fleet solutions are tailored to the needs of each unique customer.

“FleetAfrica is a single source, across-the-board, fleet management services provider. We offer a range of flexible product options on every vehicle class, from passenger vehicles to trucks, fire-engines to ambulances and a variety of specialised vehicles. Our solutions integrate seamlessly, and are transparently scalable according to your business requirements,” the site explains.

Headquartered in Chislehurston, Sandton, the company was founded as Super Fleet in 1987, and became the first empowered fleet management company in South Africa in 2000. Just 2 years later, the business was re-branded to FleetAfrica and today operates as a subsidiary of Super Group Limited, a public company listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE). In the first B-BBEE evaluation performed independently from its parent company in 2011, FleetAfrica attained a Level 1-rating.

Along the way, the company has won a number of important accolades and was voted Best Fleet Management Company in the Top 500 South Africa’s Best Managed Companies 2010; Most Empowered Company (in the Logistics Category) at the 2011 Metropolitan Oliver Empowerment Awards; Best Established Black Business at the 2011 Can Ryn BBQ Magazine Awards and won the Silver Arrow for the Public and Private Fleet Management Sector at the 2011 PMR africa Johannesburg Leaders and Achievers Awards.

So what is the reason for such success? Certainly the company was quick to understand the challenges of a tough economy, tailoring products and services to meet changing industry needs, as the website explains:

“Organisations in both the public and private sectors are under increasing pressure to cut expenditure by outsourcing non-core functions. Fleet management is a key area where huge cost-savings can be achieved.

“Having one of southern Africa’s foremost providers of fleet management and full maintenance leasing solutions as a partner can help your company realise measurable cost savings, while considerably improving the efficiency and reliability of your fleet. We offer peace of mind by taking over all your fleet risk insured by over 20 years of fleet management experience, best industry practices, innovation and efficiency.”

FleetAfrica has also seen the benefits of a modern technology centre, as a core component to its operational excellence:

“FleetAfrica continually invests in state-of-the-art, world class technologies and infrastructure that is built into our leading edge fleet management solutions. We boast the most comprehensive and sophisticated Fleet Management Information Control Centre (FICC) in the industry. We are able to provide our clients with a level of detail and intelligence that is typically only provided by the vehicle tracking companies. FleetAfrica runs a dual system i.e. we can collaborate with your existing tracking company or provide the intelligence ourselves.

“The FICC offers our clients 24/7, real-time intelligence that entails functionalities such as vehicle location, driver identification and driver behaviour. This information is fed from on-board computers that are fitted to all vehicles on the Full Maintenance Lease agreements. Clients on a Managed Maintenance contract may also opt to use the FICC.

“With this advanced system, misuse and abuse of vehicles can be easily monitored, tracking and recovery are enabled, and emergency services are managed more efficiently, as response vehicles closest to an emergency can be dispatched quicker. Clients have access to this system via the internet or smart phone. Clients can also set up automatic notifications to alert them instantly should a vehicle move out of a designated service area or be abused.”

Such attention to details wins business of course and in August came the news that Super Group had won a major Transnet fleet management contract as the company started to look in greater focus at opportunities with parastatal and government organisations.

At the time Peter Mountford, the chief executive, indicated that the 5-year contract awarded to its FleetAfrica business involved the management of about 3,500 light commercial vehicles. He said the roll-out of the contract had commenced and had boosted the number of vehicles managed by FleetAfrica in South Africa to more than 7,000.

He said that FleetAfrica already had some municipal clients. It had a strong corporate client base but the Transnet contract was the biggest it had been awarded by a parastatal.

Despite the tough economic environment, Super Group also reported strong financial results for the year to June.

Headline earnings a share increased by 17 per cent to R2.487 from R2.127. Revenue rose by 22 per cent to R14.3 billion from R11.7 billion. Operating profit was 19 per cent higher at R1.34 billion and operating cash flow increased by 39 per cent to R2 billion.

A few short weeks later, FleetAfrica was again recognised at the PMR africa Awards, winning 3 Bronze Arrow awards for: Fleet Management companies providing fleet management services to the public sector: Passenger vehicles category; Fleet management companies providing fleet management services to the public sector: Medium & Heavy commercial vehicles category and Fleet management companies providing fleet management services to the public Sector: Light Commercial vehicle category.

FleetAfrica’s ongoing commitment to its customers continues to pay dividends and the business is well-placed to further consolidate its leading market reputation for many years to come.