Lake Turkana Wind Power: A Project for Change

Interview with Mike Visser, Founding Chairman of The Earth & Lightning Protection Association

in Energy, Features, Infrastructure, Technology

TheSA-Mag had the privilege to speak with Mike Visser, Founding Chairman of The Earth & Lightning Protection Association. What is ELPA The Earthing and Lightning Protection Association, we are members of the industry who would like to see our industry regulated so that when consumers purchase the first second and third line of defence against […]

Electronic Toll Collection (Pty) Ltd: Utilising technology to solve the realities of transport funding

in Technology, Transport

The heated debate and controversy over e-tolling in Gauteng continues to rumble on as the challenge of effectively implementing and administering operations is considered. Centurion-based Electronic Toll Collection (Pty) Ltd. develops and operates cashless electronic toll points and a back office and was incorporated back in 2005. The company operates as a subsidiary of Kapsch […]

CSIR Biosciences: Bringing innovation to life

in Technology

One of the most exciting aspects of South Africa’s socioeconomic development is that enterprise has no defined boundaries and opportunity comes in many shapes and forms. As the Government looks to boost industry and create jobs, a number of sectors have a big part to play in the nation’s future. The Council for Scientific and […]

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