Civil Aviation Authority of Mauritius: Putting an onus on safety and smooth airline operations

Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality: The catalyst for a thriving economic community

in Infrastructure

Municipalities across South Africa face a stream of socio-economic challenges, with sustainability high on the list of priorities. In Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality, a series of shrewd projects is helping to improve the way of life for over 800,000 people. Buffalo City is a metropolitan municipality situated on the east coast of Eastern Cape Province and encompasses the towns […]

Airports Company South Africa: Setting the standard for South African state entities

in Transport

As South Africa seeks to strengthen international trade links and encourage overseas investment, there is a huge onus on its transportation hubs, with air travel and infrastructure a key component to the nation’s success. Much of the responsibility for handling passenger and cargo numbers efficiently falls squarely on the broad shoulders of Airports Company South […]

Alpha Pharm: Shaking up the pharmaceutical industry

in Healthcare

There are some major changes afoot within South Africa’s pharmaceutical industry, as Alpha Pharm looks to bring a refreshing outlook to a competitive sector whilst helping to safeguard the future for the independent pharmacy. Earlier this year the cheque was delivered by Shogun AG, which saw the amalgamation and restructuring of the nation’s oldest traditional […]