Continental Coal Limited: Accentuating the allure of coal

Trollope Mining Services: Phoenix from the ashes

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With prevailing economic conditions throwing up a range of challenges for business, there is much to be said for spreading risk. Having experienced first-hand, the severity of plummeting coal prices in 2008, Trollope Mining Services has realigned its business to mitigate the effects of prices, through diversity. Headquartered in Johannesburg, Trollope Mining Services provides surface […]

Continental Coal Ltd: Where supply meets demand

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The demand for energy supply around the world continues to grow, while South Africa’s need for coal remains great; all of which makes coal mining an attractive and viable proposition given the right mining conditions and a long-term supply of this commodity. Continental Coal Limited (CCC) provides a good yardstick for how quickly the right […]

Bafotech (Pty) Limited: Luck of the draw

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From its dining room beginnings to serving the global mining business, Bafotech (Pty) Limited continues to write its own chapters on how to succeed in business. It would be easy to suggest luck has played its part in the Bafotech story but appearances can be deceptive. True, the company was established in 1981 as Tech- […]