Stripform Packaging (Pty) Ltd: Delivering the perfect package

The advancement of machinery and changes in packaging laws has made for wide-sweeping changes within the packaging industry over the past two decades. Adapting to evolution within this environment is Stripform Packaging (Pty) Ltd., a Cape Town-based packaging business celebrating 40 years during 2015.

Over the years, the company has shifted from its initial entrepreneurial role – and has diversified to supply a wide range of industrial sectors, primarily manufacturing customised plastic bags with zip closures and using and manufacturing automated pill packing and sealing equipment.

“Since 1975 we have been making many different types of flexible containers – and their machinery.

shutterstock_278509241“Plastic bags and pouches with “built-in” zippers. Plain or printed, and in all shapes, sizes and colours. They are uniquely created for packing anything where the bag needs to be opened and closed many many many times- like coin bags, or for things where heat welding can’t be used like explosives, ice cubes or fish,” describes the company website.

Stripform Packaging (Pty) Ltd has been offering packaging solutions and automated packing equipment to public and private companies since 1975 and began life as an entrepreneurial venture, delivering re-sealable coin bags for banks.

Over time, the company successfully diversified into the manufacturing of fruit boxes for export and today offers a wide range of customised plastic packaging solutions for various industries.

“We specialize in flexible packaging for the health care industry and provide the pharmaceutical industry with outstanding quality packaging as well as automated pill packing equipment. Our products comply to local regulations and are in line with international standards,” the corporate website affirms.

Within the healthcare sector, Stripform Packaging is known for its Printed or unprinted TLR BAGS – for Patient Ready Packs.

The TLR (tight, light resistant) bags comply to the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) protocols for dry medicine and has become the trusted and proven way of pre-packing medicine by the South African Health Authorities.

The bags also conform to the South African Medicine Control Council requirements of permeability as per the USP protocols for water vapour (T) and light permeation (LR) and hence TLR bags. Conformance is endorsed by testing at independent QA Laboratories.

TLR bags can be made standard or with a tamper-evident seal featuring a tear-off perforated security closure.

The company also manufactures a range of Standard Pharmaceutical bags which are used by doctors and pharmacists to distribute tablets and capsules.

“The bags are printed according to the customers’ requirements and regulations. Information include substance identification, control data, dosage, warnings, address, personalised logo’s in the language (s) of choice with/without pictograms to assist with efficient use of the prescribed medicine,” the website describes.

Also within this important industrial sector, Stripform Packaging is responsible for manufacturing a patented automated pill packing and sealing machine which enables the automated packaging of pills using Stripform’s chain linked, zip closing, tamper-evident bags.  It counts the pills, fills and heat seals the bags.  The packets are batch and date coded in-line to produce Patient Ready Packs in the most cost effective way.

The machine is built at Stripform and clients receive fast efficient technical service throughout South Africa.

shutterstock_243716506The company also supplies pathology bags for the healthcare industry and has built-up a customer base for the use of veterinary bags.

However, there is a lot more to Stripform Packaging and the company is also renowned within the automotive industry where garages use branded see-through bags for parts replaced during a service of a vehicle.  These are returned to the client as evidence of replacements.

Another customer is the service station which uses branded bags for pre-service storage of customers’ property left in cars.

The company also makes a variety of strong bags for the retail industry, primarily for gondola displays of small items like ear plugs, screws, drill bits, granules and powders, while another market that has proved successful has been the supply of bags for the agricultural industry, for the storage of sand, soil, plant cuttings and poultry droppings.

In addition to its products and services, over the years Stripform Packaging has embraced the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility with a series of initiatives, as the company website explains:

“We take pride in the fact that Stripform conducts a sustainable business, taking into consideration profit, people and the planet.

“Our social engagements are aimed at the development of our local community and employees.  We invest in South Africa’s future.”

The company provides workshops to empower its employees with knowledge about substance abuse; assisting and supporting rehabilitation programs. It also provides financial assistance towards school fees, stationary and uniforms.

Skills development is another important area of consideration for Stripform and employees take part in internal and external training programmes to continuously improve and develop their skills, helping to safeguard the sustainable delivery of quality products and services.

Stripform provides a fully-equipped canteen with healthy subsidised meals made with herbs and vegetables from its own garden and runs a clinic, where a qualified occupational sister and free medication take care of the day to day health issues. More serious health problems are addressed by a GP (general practitioner) at Stripform’s account.

In the wider community, Stripform donates to local feeding schemes, TB and HIV/Aids organisations, SANCA and the Police Forum and donates uniforms and equipment for local sports teams.

The past 40 years has seen a large paradigm shift in Stripform Packaging’s range of products and services; but it is a business looking forward to delivering a healthy future for its customers and employees.