Indy Oil: Keeping the wheels of industry in motion

It may not seem immediate obvious, but the market place for a company that manufactures lubricants is hugely diverse, giving a business a wide range of opportunities and industries to target. Lubricants of course, go a long way to ensuring that so much machinery operates to its optimum level, without breaking down, so it really does help to keep the wheels of industry in motion.

IndyFor over a decade now, Indy Oil has operated as an independent manufacturer and marketer of automotive and industrial lubricants, in addition to chemical cleaners and organic oils.

In recent times, the Indy Oil name has become known through its involvement in motorsport, stating:

In support of our National expansion program and our commitment to use motorsport as a base for launching our products to the motoring public and associated industries in South Africa we are pleased to confirm our 3 years sponsorship of the GM VW Challenge.”

The company has a footprint covering the whole of South Africa and operates blending facilities in KwaZulu Natal and the Western Cape.

The range of manufactured lubricants is broad and serves the automotive industry by supplying petrol engine oil, diesel engines, motorcycles, the marine industry, gearboxes, transmission fluids, greases and a range of speciality products.

On the industrial side, Indy Oils manufactures products including turbine oils, hydraulic oils, industrial gearbox oils, slideway oils, compressor oils, industrial greases, dewatering fluids, quench and circulating oils, textile oils, neat cutting and forming oils, oils for pneumatic and power tools, soluble cutting oils and treatment products, oils for the pharmaceutical industry and for construction.

The secret to Indy Oil’s continued growth and success is based around its three pillars of excellence: quality, service and value for money.

Armed with technology and expertise, the company has set out to provide a unique service experience for each customer, by delivering tailored services that meet each client’s changing needs.

This approach is only possible by ensuring that Indy Oil’s sales and technical teams are kept up to date with the latest developments and technology within the industry, enabling them to recommend the most appropriate lubricant for machinery.

The company also offers clients a lubrication survey service involving the scrutiny of individual pieces of plant machinery or equipment and a detailed listing of respective lubrication requirements, along with recommendations. The survey gives the customer a single document outlining the lubrication needs of their plant and allows for the rationalisation of the number of different lubricants required.

The company also provides customers with lubrication training and is capable of creating courses for specific client needs. Of course issues can still occur and Indy Oil’s team of technicians also provide trouble shooting assistance that includes making a diagnosis of equipment failures and recommendations on how a business can avoid such break downs reoccurring.

The manufacturing phase is of course of great importance and Indy Oil has developed a laboratory to monitor the quality of each product during the manufacturing process. The company also has access to independent laboratories for routine and predictive oil analysis.

Quality is an important word for any company involved in petrochemical manufacturing. The company’s KwaZulu Natal blending facility is reportedly due to be accredited with ISO9001/2008 certification, while all Indy Oil products conform to the stringent standards and specifications laid down by the American Petroleum Institute, the governing body that grades lubricants.

With the company supplying such a diverse range of industries, it is fair to says that Indy Oil products have been approved by OEMs across a spectrum of markets, while the company has also secured formal approvals from Mercedes Benz, MTU and Cummins.

The company has also gone to great lengths to consider the environment and offers an HSE & Product Stewardship service on all of its products. This includes providing information on safety issues associated with the use of lubricants and giving guidance on precautions that companies should take when handling and disposing of the product.

Communication is at the core of Indy Oil’s approach to business and its involvement in motorsport, is another way that the company creates brand awareness, whilst testing out its newest innovations, as the website explains:

“We at Indy Oil have found motorsport to be an ideal proving ground for our lubricants. This is our laboratory on wheels and success on the track brings these products to the fore. The advanced technology employed in our products always seems to be the difference.”

Indy Oil’s success is also built upon a vastly experienced senior management team which boasts over 100 man-years of oil industry experience.

With innovation and technology constantly driving the lubricants industry forwards, Indy Oil has made it an art form to keep abreast of the latest developments and actively encourages clients to delve into its deep pool of knowledge and expertise.

It does so through the ‘Ask Indy’ programme, which allows customers to ask any kind of question.

This open approach to business continues to help drive growth at Indy Oil and the company proudly proclaims through its website, that for more than a decade, its business has been built around quality, service and value for money:

Our mission is to supply technologically advanced, guaranteed products, at the same time as providing unequalled quality and service excellence.”