Pick n Pay Cold: Adapting to the changing demands of retail

Aveng Manufacturing: The pros and cons of globalisation

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The effects of globalisation are far-reaching and can impact positively or adversely on a business. In October of 2016, Aveng, the listed construction and engineering group, reported that operating conditions in South Africa and other markets in sub-Saharan Africa, Australasia and south-east Asia remained difficult because of the continued global economic downturn and associated intense […]

Alexandria Container and Cargo

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Globalisation has brought an enormous sense of change and opportunity to ports around the world. In Egypt, maritime trade has always been an important element to the economy, with Alexandria Container & Cargo Handling Company providing materials handling expertise for over thirty years. We were recently privileged to catch up with Admiral Mamdouh Deraz, Chairman […]

ARUP: Building a legacy through innovation

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As the world looks to improve its track record on the environment, much of the onus falls on civil engineering expertise to solve problems. At Arup, innovation has long been the way forward for a global firm with a rich history and the world leading construction organisation operates with a simple mantra: “We shape a […]

Temp-U-Air: A breath of fresh air

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In a challenging and competitive environment, it always pays to have a shrewd game plan. That has certainly been the case for Johannesburg-based Temp-U-Air, a business that has successfully expanded its business in the fast-changing world of HVAC. This family-run business continues to grow at a time when bigger names have gone out of business, […]

Nampak: Broadening African horizons

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The past 12 months has proved an exceptionally busy period as Nampak has looked to reorganise its business. Expansion into Africa has appeared to be a major focus for this South African business, as it has sold assets and funded new projects across the Continent. The company has long been held as a leading provider […]