Enforce Security Services (Pty) Ltd: Expertise in a Competitive Environment

Security continues to be a top priority in modern South Africa, just as it is around the world. As a result, a plethora of security companies have developed over recent years across the nation, driving competition in this sector.

For Enforce Security Services (Pty) Ltd, the combination of experience, innovation, expertise and training have all played an important role in maintaining the company’s position as one of the leading exponents of security services in South Africa.

The business was founded in 1978 and is considered one of the foremost security firms in the country, providing a range of outsourced services that operate under the motto ‘That Much More’.

Today Enforce is responsible for over 8,000 employees and it the largest privately black-owned economically empowered security company in the country, operating as a top 5 player in this market.

EnforceDespite the influx of security firms in recent years, Enforce remains an industry leader thanks to an innovative approach to operations, which saw the company become one of the first security businesses in the country to attain ISO 9001:2000 accreditation across all of its specialist divisions and regional offices, in addition to achieving the EmpowerDEX rating.

The Durban-based business has established a presence in all major settlements and offers a variety of services for a diverse client base which covers Commercial, Retail, Industrial, Community, Hospitality, Health Care and Mining. Clients include the likes of BP, DHL, Eskom, MTN, Shell, Spar, Tiger Brands and Woolworths.

Working with such illustrious customers is of course dependent on reputation and a proven track record and the company website puts great purchase on its staff:

Our most treasured assets are our employees and clients. Enforce invests much energy in training and client relationship management ensuring that clients only receive the highest level of service form the highest calibre of personnel.

With a fully operational, ‘in house’, training establishment we are able to provide ongoing training to all staff, in order to ensure a full understanding of current trends in security at all times.”

Training takes many forms and Enforce aims not only to raise the standards of new employees, but to maintain these through ongoing activities, as the website outlines:

Enforce is dedicated to raising professional standards in the security services industry by providing a comprehensive range of skills development programs and training in all operational fields.”

These include professional accreditations, stringent recruitment and induction programme, on-site training and staff and public training sessions.

The company has also implemented its own Enforce Training Academy – an industry-leader which enjoys full PIRSA Accreditation and means staff and private individuals can be receive Grade Training – an important requirement within the industry.

Innovation plays an important part in the company’s success and that extends to its training, as the website outlines:

Enforce is one of the first Security Organisations to have their internal training centre fully SASSETA accredited, not only as a training centre but in the delivery of short courses, skills programmes and full qualifications.

We offer a range of courses in various fields such as: security and specialist security (encompassing National Key Point, Aviation, Port and Events), fire, health and safety, firearms and relicensing, CCTV and control room operator, dog handling and more.

We also recognise the importance and great need for quality training and believe in the value of NQF based training which is why we hold accreditation with both governing bodies in the Security Educational Industry – SASSETA and PSIRA.  Enforce is determined to be an active participant in the acceptance and implementation of the many changes within the Security Education System.

One of the areas that Enforce focuses on is Continuous Professional Development and all of the company’s Security Officers, irrespective of their grade, are required to undergo CPD.

It is an ongoing project, with no completion date. Officers undergo a 1 – 4 hour training session every week, usually before or after shift change. The objective is to continuously ensure all our staff are up to date with requirements and ensure continuous development. The course topics are set for a year at a time; however the site manager has the right to change the week’s topic if other issues require attention. The facilitation is conducted on site, at the SO’s workplace where site specific examples or Site Job Descriptions are referred to,” the site explains.

Other important aspects of training include Learnerships and the company is committed to funding the training of at least 5 per cent of staff on the national certificate: General Security Practices.

The company has also established skills development for black women and states that it has funded and trained 140 black women through short skills programmes aimed at providing upliftment.

Over the years Enforce has developed a range of security services which have cemented its place as a leading company in this sphere.

The Enforce Physical Guarding Service Division provides fully-trained professional security officers who are constantly monitored and evaluated by client service managers. The company’s alarms and armed response service includes providing individually tailored home and business alarms, while a 24 hour control room is equipped with the latest technology for clients utilising the monitoring and armed response service.

Enforce also provides comprehensive CCTV and access control services including countless installations from simple small sites to large scale street surveillance solutions and complex IP Systems.

Additionally Enforce Electronics uses state-of-the-art equipment to design, install and commission sophisticated intelligent fire detection systems for any scale or scope of project.  We

Enforce’s Investigations Division offers a full spectrum of investigative services from investigating white collar crime through to general thefts in the workplace which include Fraud, Theft and Corruption.

Other services include investigation services covering a variety of issues such as fraud, theft and corruption, while Enforce has also built a sturdy reputation for VIP protection.

With extensive experience in South Africa, Enforce Security Services made the bold step to enter the UAE market in 2008. At the time, the company sought to offer its services to this growing market, particularly given the plethora of shopping malls that had been developed.

As the UAE has become a tourist destination in part because of its retail offering, the region’s focus on retail security needs to expand correspondingly. Mall owners, tenants and shoppers all want the peace-of-mind that their interests are being protected using trained staff and the latest electronics available,” stated Darryn Johnston, Regional Manager.

BurJuman became the first mall in the UAE to opt for Enforce’s offering to safeguard its luxury shopping destination, office tower, residences and the new BurJuman Rotana Suites hotel, with a mix of physical and technology-based security.

Dubai’s changing retail landscape requires security solutions that combine physical safety staff with the latest electronic monitoring, and Enforce Security Services’ integrated approach and more than 2 decades of expertise convinced BurJuman of the value of their security solutions,” commented Mr. Eisa Adam Ibrahim, General Manager, BurJuman.

Today’s world puts extra emphasis on security but continues to offer opportunity for innovative and expert service providers likes Enforce.