Prommac (Pty) Limited: Keeping the wheels of South African industry well oiled

South Africa’s need for energy – and its ability to procure its natural resources, has never been more pronounced. Extracting energy takes expertise and reliable equipment of course and it is thanks to companies like PROMMAC (Pty) Ltd. that the country is able to produce oil and gas.

Yet PROMMAC’s expertise is called upon by a wider custom base, as the corporate website describes:

“PROMMAC is an established mechanical contractor, providing a comprehensive range of services to a variety of industry segments. Established in 2005, PROMMAC has built a reputation for sound delivery of maintenance, shutdown & small project solutions to our clients.

shutterstock_174454784“PROMMAC is led by Jason English who has been involved in the maintenance, shutdown and project industry globally since the late 90’s. Jason brings with him a broad understanding of shutdown and project management, having been involved in various aspects of the construction industry globally in South Africa, Madagascar, Ghana, USA, Canada, Europe, the Middle East and Australia.

“Our vast experience in the petrochemical, Oil & Gas and Power sectors, has demonstrated that we can execute the most demanding tasks safely and within the required timeframe, whilst delivering according to good quality practices and costs.”

With offices located in Secunda and Pretoria, the company has developed an excellent track record in performing maintenance and shutdown activities on a variety of process plants and equipment. Its experience includes the complete dismantling of major plant items including towers, reactors, heat exchangers, drums, valves, PSV’s, pumps, conveyor systems, agitators and cooling towers from decommissioning through to re-commissioning.

“One of the biggest problems faced by our clients is the amount of field time required to monitor the work activities during times of shutdown.

“Any internal work in vessels enhances this demand as it requires a vast amount of monitoring to ensure that slippage does not occur as the work is often out of site.

“PROMMAC takes this element of concern away from our clients by providing the right skill sets to complete the work safely, within spec and on time, thus allowing our clients to manage the balance of activities taking place during a shutdown,” states the corporate website.

As the company’s reputation has burgeoned, it has diversified and has acquired experience working on: Refining Plants; Synthetic Cat Cracking Plants; Carbo Tar Plants; Cooling Towers; Ash Plants; Coal Processing Plants; Phenosolvan Plants; Tar Plants; Synthol Plants; Gassification Plants; Waterworks Plants; Utility Plants; Process Integration; Polymers Plants; Merisol Plants; Monomers Plants; Nitro Plants; Ammonia Plants; Nitric Acid Plants; Paper Mills and Power Stations.

Broadening its horizons has of course put an onus on having the right skills within the PROMMAC workforce, something the company is quick to acknowledge:

“The experience of PROMMAC lies in the skills of its people who have provided services to a broad range of clients through a wide range of companies and collectively bring together over 300 years of shutdown management.

“PROMMAC offers a complete solution for plant maintenance, shutdown execution and small project execution.

“PROMMAC strives to remain a specialist contractor of choice offering a variety of services with a focus on safe delivery.

shutterstock_165341867“With a resource pool exceeding 500 personnel, we have the capacity to execute large maintenance solutions and multiple shutdowns simultaneously.

“We also have the capacity to provide small turnkey project solutions to our clients.”

The company feels that an increasing number of clients are experiencing the benefits of outsourcing plant maintenance, as the website explains:

“Our clients have experienced first-hand the benefits of utilizing our maintenance services. We take full control on a daily basis, attending client meetings, receiving work permits, conducting on site risk assessments, ensuring all routine inspections and lubrications are carried out and ensuring all defects are attended to on a daily basis as well as feeding back to our client on issues outside of our control.

“Our teams, who are all certified, are able to work safely under the guidance of our skilled supervisors to reduce downtime of your assets and due to our understanding of maintenance requirements, we are able to reduce the number of people on site and risk exposure to our clients thus often netting a reduction in production and maintenance costs.”

Success has been a gradual process, but the final word goes to company CEO, Jason English, who has seen the business grow and blossom over the past decade:

“We are steadily evolving as a leader in the provision of niche mechanical services to the Oil & Gas industry. Our steady growth in the provision of maintenance, shutdown and small project solutions has seen PROMMAC challenging as a leading brand in the industry.

“Our dedicated team of managers and skilled resources continually undertake projects varying in difficulty and size and have developed a unique culture that understands the demand requirements of our clients.

“We look forward to working with our existing and future clients to provide sustainable tailor made solutions that benefit both our businesses and create value throughout the value chain.”