Export Trading Group: Making a sustainable difference to agricultural supply chain

Cradock Saad: Nurturing Sustainable Growth

in Agriculture

In the heart of the Eastern Cape, the last couple of decades have witnessed something of a quiet revolution. It is one which has brought prosperity and abundance through the use of technology. Farmer’s yields are on the up, with more than a helping hand from Cradock Saad. The company is based in Cradock, and […]

Free State Maize: Securing the Best Deal

in Agriculture

In recent years South Africa’s farmers have enjoyed the benefits of technological advances that have significantly improved crop-growing conditions. Helping to manage both the financial and farming environment, Free State Maize (Vrystaat Mielies) has become an essential element to South Africa’s grain market. The company is a grain trading company in the agricultural business sector, […]

TWK Agri: Creating a Diverse Base for Growth

in Agriculture

Any company over a period of time is likely to go through change. TWK Agri is the culmination of 73 years of hard work, political change and business evolution. Today, TWK is a diversified agricultural company operating mainly in Mpumalanga, Kwazulu-Natal and the Eastern Cape but with much wider markets. The activities of the company […]

Ferreira Endulini Fruit: Harvesting a fairer deal

in Agriculture

South Africa’s fruit farming industry is littered with history and increasingly has become a tourist trap on account of the picturesque scenery. One such place is Patensie, the last stop before entering the Baviaanskloof Wilderness area. Guarded by the majestic Cockscomb mountain, this little town’s activities revolve around the nation’s citrus industry. Very much at […]

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