Swaziland Electric Company: Energising Lifestyles

Swaziland Electric Company: Energising Lifestyles

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One of the big issues that will help secure the long-term economic prosperity of the sub-Sahara region is a reliable energy supply. In Swaziland that challenges lies squarely with Swaziland Electricity Company (SEC). Swaziland Electricity Company (SEC) is a limited liability company incorporated and domiciled in the Kingdom of Swaziland. The company was formed back […]

Chevron South Africa: More than just a business

in Energy

A drive across South Africa will bring you into contact with the instantly recognisable brand name Caltex™, one of the country’s top four petroleum brands, with more than 800 service stations nationwide. In point of fact Caltex™ is part of a much bigger entity: Chevron Corporation, the world’s second largest integrated energy company. Large corporations […]

Bafotech (Pty) Limited: Luck of the draw

in Mining

From its dining room beginnings to serving the global mining business, Bafotech (Pty) Limited continues to write its own chapters on how to succeed in business. It would be easy to suggest luck has played its part in the Bafotech story but appearances can be deceptive. True, the company was established in 1981 as Tech- […]

South Africa Airways: Taking the nation global

in Transport

As South Africa embraces the concept of globalisation its dependency on air transportation increases evermore. The FIFA 2010 World Cup(TM) had a huge positive effect on tourism while so many businesses in the sub-Sahara region are now internationally-owned or run. All of which puts an enormous onus on the nation’s leading airline operator South African […]

Dube Trade Port: Building a Legacy

in Construction

In the brave new South Africa, enterprise has become a defining term. At the same time all businesses are acutely aware of the shortcomings in existing infrastructure and the impact this can have both on domestic trade and export. Against this backdrop, KwaZulu-Natal came up with an ingenious solution: Dube TradePort. The development is a […]

Adega Restaurants: A Working Lunch

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There is much to be learnt from culture. In Portugal the traditional male lunchtime has been to take a break from work, meet up with friends over a traditionally-inspired meal, to drink cognac, talk and smoke large cigars – all of which seems a million miles from industry. However, it was this approach that first […]

The Oceana Group: Fresh profits

in Agriculture

For almost 100 years the Oceana Group has delivered the finest harvest from our oceans. Yet today’s business environment demands so much more than fishing and packaging and the group has become a leader in scientific research and sustainability with its ethical approach. Incorporated in 1918, Oceana Group is listed both on the Johannesburg Stock […]