The Port of Cape Town: The gateway to economic development

Department of Transport: Smoothing out the Rocky Road

in Construction

In his 2012 State of the Nation Address President Jacob Zuma pronounced South Africa’s direct need for social and economic infrastructure in Transport, Energy, Telecommunication and other sectors. The transport sector has been highlighted by the government as a key contributor to South Africa’s competitiveness in global markets. It is increasingly being seen a crucial […]

Metrobus Johannesburg: Driving Change

in Transport

Johannesburg is a thriving, bustling urban centre of humanity. As such, the city that plays host to the Johannesburg Stock Exchange is one of South Africa’s critical economic centres. It is easy to forget the importance of a good, reliable transport service, one that ensures commuters and tourists can get to destinations safely and on […]

Continental Coal Ltd: Where supply meets demand

in Mining

The demand for energy supply around the world continues to grow, while South Africa’s need for coal remains great; all of which makes coal mining an attractive and viable proposition given the right mining conditions and a long-term supply of this commodity. Continental Coal Limited (CCC) provides a good yardstick for how quickly the right […]

British American Tobacco: Change for the better

in Manufacturing

South Africa’s manufacturing sector is under pressure at present; the world has become a smaller place and that has increased competition, while the global economy has put production efficiency at a premium. Imagine then the additional, well-documented commercial challenges that tobacco manufacturing faces and you have a perfect recipe for change. At British American Tobacco […]