Mining and Slurry Technology (Pty) Ltd: Pumping vitality into business

e-Kwikbuild Housing Company: Units of Growth

in Construction

Everywhere you look in South Africa there is a need for new buildings; education, healthcare, even the police have a great demand for well-insulated, high quality units – a need not lost on the Government. It was because of this demand that e-KwikBuild Housing Company (Pty) Ltd was formed nine years ago, with the objective […]

Botswana Railways: The right track to continuous improvement

in Transport

Whilst most of the world was enthralled by the Olympic Games in London, Botswana Railways was immersed in its own sporting competition. The organisation had no peers during the recent Southern African Railways Sports and Cultural Organisation (SARSCO) Games at Kwaluseni Sports Emporium, winning gold medals in chess, morabaraba, volleyball, long tennis and athletics, amongst […]

Controlab PTY (LTD): Road testing to a new level

in Infrastructure

The South African Government’s push for infrastructure improvements has created a raft of opportunities for construction-related companies. Of course to fully grasp the nettle, businesses need to be well positioned and prepared for growth – and in most cases the need for expertise is another pre-requisite. Such is the lot of Controlab, a business with […]

City Of Tshwane: A centre of excellence in progress

in Infrastructure

Governing a major municipality in South Africa has to be somewhat of a labour of love. The challenge is immense, with issues of social harmony, alleviating poverty and unemployment, providing a sound foundation for education and prosperity through local and international business investment all very much dependant on a reliable infrastructure. At the City of […]