Paarl Media Group: The real cost of printing

Sappi Group: The power of wood fibre

in Manufacturing

In the past decade sustainability has entered the industrial psyche with growing importance, but within the paper and pulp industry, it has been an integral fact of life for far longer. At the forefront of this sector, Sappi continues to embrace sustainability and its role as part of the future low carbon economy. Established in […]

Profert Holdings (Pty) Ltd: Expanding Horizons

in Agriculture

The old saying purports that success breeds success, no matter what business you are in. It is a philosophy that has been adopted, adapted and applied with spectacular results at Profert Holdings (Pty) Ltd. The company has in recent years undertaken a remarkable strategy of diversification through acquisitions and a quick look at the Group’s […]

Cape Waste: Making the most of waste

in Features

A step back in time to the early Eighties puts a very different slant on the word recycle and its meaning to the population. The onus on recycling in the 21st Century has multiplied out of all recognition from the time when Cape Waste started out. The original company in the Wykco Group, Cape Waste […]

Kloovenburg: A Vintage Way of Life

in Food & Drink

Among South Africa’s wonderful array of natural resources, the Western Cape plays host to some of the world’s finest slopes for wine growing. Located just an hour’s drive north-east of Cape Town, Kloovenburg has established a fine reputation for hospitality, innovation, olives and of course high quality wines. The wines came first, with the du […]